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ARTIST LOUNGE|:. Khayli Heijkoop  
--by Pacco Santana for
Internationally acclaimed artist

Today in the Artist Lounge we are featuring the internationally acclaimed artist Khayli Heijkoop. Khayli was born in New York but soon got a taste of the world when at the age of two her family moved to the Philippines. From an early age Khayli showed an interest in art. She demonstrated a natural gift at an early age and her family began enrolling her in art classes. By the age of 13 she was already making a name for herself in the Philippine art market. Her work was presented in local exhibits and was soon being used in magazines and advertisements. At the age of 16 her family moved to Madrid Spain where Khayli was allowed to continue nurturing her artistic gift. While living in Madrid, Khayli continued to exhibit, and won several competitions from the local to the international level.

I had the pleasure of meeting Khayli at an art exhibit and wine tasting at Grape located in Point Orlando last week. Her work immediately caught my eye, as it was vibrant, cheerful, and captivating. It held a certain childlike innocence while at the same time transporting one to a world of fantasy and beauty. I introduced myself and proceeded to ask her where her inspiration comes from. She softly responded, “My inspiration comes from my emotions, my spirituality, and the beauty I see in everyday life.” In speaking with her a bit longer, I soon discovered that one of my two favorite pieces held a very personal theme. The piece entitled “Expectation” is a beautiful tribute to motherhood. It is a fully blossomed profile of a pregnant belly with flowers of joy on one side and the faces of anticipation on the other side. The faces I later realized were representative of her children whom she says keep her filled with a sense of wonder. “It is a way of me remembering one of the most amazing experiences of my life, the birth of my children who bring me so much joy.”

Meeting Khayli and seeing her talent, her love of her family, her wonder of the world around her, and soft spoken humility made for an amazing experience as a reporter. Her work is sure to touch the soul of anyone who bears witness to it.

Khayli has been expressing her artwork in oils over the past six years and currently resides in Jacksonville. To enjoy the experience of seeing her work for yourself, you can log on to
You can listen some of Khayli said via our audio clip in Orlando Cultural Radio (click here). Enjoy these brief moments with the internationally renowned artistbroughtto you by Orlando Cultural Magazine.
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The Healing Power of Art  

Dr. Daniel Weber has always enjoyed art. "There is a calming effect when you are surrounded by works of art, a serenity even. There is generally not a lot of stress or anxiety in museums and galleries." The local chiropractor has incorporated that stress-free influence of original artwork into his new office, The Joint...a chiropractic place. Along with the open loft-like atmosphere and jazz music, Dr. Weber has teamed with local artists Robin Lynn Winkelman, Joseph Perales, and Khayli Heijkoop to use their original artwork to create a calm, soothing environment for his patients. "These are such amazaing artists and they are all local. I truly believe that their work contributes greatly to our patients getting well. We, in chiropractic, have always believed that healing comes from within and creating a stress-free environment is a big part of that." Dr. Daniel Weber owns The Joint...a chiropractic place in Melbourne. For more information call 254-2828 or visit