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Through painting and drawing, Khayli Heijkoop wishes to invoke her ultimate respect to the myriad of forms in her minds eye in which beauty and innocence dwell. "In my opinion, beauty is always within the heart and eye of the individual. I try to remember to keep an open heart to the yet unseen or unknown".

Khayli traveled extensively throughout childhood living in the Far East and Europe after leaving the United States at the age of two. Her exposure to the world and art inspired her passion to express herself as she sees humanity and the world we live in.

As a child, her parents encouraged her work and enrolled her in art classes. She spent the rest of her education working in different mediums and experimenting with various techniques.

While living in the Philippines, Khayli won her first major art competition at the age of 13. Several of her drawings were used in local exhibitions, publications and advertisements. At the age of 15, Khayli moved to Madrid, Spain. She continued exhibiting her work in a number of competitions becoming the recipient of awards on the local, regional, national and international levels.

Although she has received formal training, Khayli considers herself a self-taught painter with the formation of her artistry being the result of continuous practice and experimentation in different mediums. She finds inspiration during her observation of life, aspects of spirituality and through personal reflection.

"One day I found myself daydreaming and suddenly had the urge to paint the scenes forming in my mind. I had never painted before then, but the desire to do so was overwhelming. I was so drawn to the colors and forms that I simply had to try. I continued experimenting until I felt like I had eventually found my niche."

"For more years than I like to count, I was a non-practicing artist. As the poets say, the work paid the bills but starved the spirit. Thankfully, those days are now behind me...The joy and freedom of expression that is my artistry is really my attempt at understanding what feeds my own soul. I hope that conveys to those who can and do appreciate what I do. It is what inspires and drives me today."

Today, Khayli Heijkoop paintings and works hang in major businesses and private collections across the country and around the world.
What happens when you run away with someone to the deepest part of your mind?
The answer is: you leave the life you've known behind.
You may stumble across a love that is like a comet
-so pure of an emotion you may not understand it.

Try not to fear
because love is true
instead, embrace it
and allow it to be fueled

Fuel the emotions you keep inside
Let it out...
do not allow it to hide!

Ride with me across the skies...
Leave behind the tears we've cried
Let us not cling to another anymore...
let our wounds heal and our souls soar!

Allow me to show you the moon that lies so far
Let us stare into a velvet night sky
And wish on every star

Come, we'll float off
to the worlds of the unknown
Where passion will continue and
memories are grown

Sandcastles and butterflies
in a garden of peace
Enough happiness for everyone...
We will feast!

Daydreams and cottages
A fairytale town...
Absolute bliss
We have finally found!

Enter my dreams
and dare to know me
Pandora's box-
are you ready to see?

Once opened
you won't be able to turn
Are you prepared
for what you may learn?

Only you carry the answers
to the questions I ask...
Don't let the moment slip away
Don't let opportunity pass!